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Our donkey adventure begins in March 2000, one month prior to our marriage, with the purchase of a registered large standard jack and two mammoth jennets.With the arrival of the first foals in 2001 we knew we were hooked! The sweet fuzzy little foals were irresistable.As our interest and excitement grew we registered our farm name. We also joined the CDMA and the ADMS.

We purchased more mammoth jennets and upgraded our herd to nearly all-registered stock.We do not specialize in any particular color. Our breeding jennets range in colors from blacks, steel grey, and spotted.We raise 1-2 mules a year.

In March 2005, we purchased “Hollyfield Pilgrim”, a spotted jack from Hollyfield Farm, Leesburg, Virginia, USA. He will become a future breeder at Big Ears Donkey Ranch.

Our donkey stock have been sold in many provinces across Canada.Upon the sale of a donkey the new owner is provided with an information package as well a baby photo if an appropriate one is available.

Spring of 2002 found us training our large standard jack, “Myron” to harness. He was very eager to learn. He has since attended many parades, been invited to birthday parties, family gatherings and community social events.

When we attend a fair, we like to take a jennet and young foal as they always seem to be a tremendous attraction.We have been interviewed by newspapers, and local radio and television stations.

September 2004, we held “Donkey Day” where folks could come and visit the donkeys and experience our quiet, well mannered donkeys in person. Approximately 240 people attended the day. Holding “Donkey Day” was a great experience for everyone, as well it opened yet another door for donkeys in our area. A representative of a local fair approached us to help them begin donkey classes at their event. The first ever known donkey show in Manitoba was held at the Pelican Lake Ag. Society fair, Ninette, Manitoba on June 11, 2005.

Big Ears Donkey Ranch attends some of the larger agricultural fairs as well with donkey displays where people can pick up information, ask questions, share ideas and watch a slide show.

Our goal is to raise the best mammoth donkeys that we can, with a great temper, a quiet manner, and great bone structure, for work or show or a family pet. Our entire herd is vaccinated for sleeping sickness, tetanus and west nile, as well as receiving regular de worming. Farrier care is always up-to-date.

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Ron and Suzanne Paddock

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