Our twins, “Ida” & “Ivan”

The twins father is "Sundown Champion".

The twins father is “Sundown Champion”.

“Mulemaker Dovey” and twins “Ivan”(black one) and “Ida”(red roan). We had suspected in January 2011 that Dovey may be having  twins-and on April 19, 2011 she done just that! In the wee hours of the morning, at 1:30 am “Ida” was born and at 2:20 “Ivan” made his debut.”Ida” measured 32″ and little “Ivan” measured 26″. The pair were up and sucking on their own well within 2 hours of birth. Donkeys’  gestation is normally 12 months(365 days). Dovey carried her twins for 359 days.

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